CafeSuite 3.47e

CafeSuite 3.47e
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CafeSuite is a powerful cyber cafe management software package that can help you with controlling your computers, managing customers, accounting and billing.

The package constsists of two applications:

main program installed at the operator desk. It's used to control the workstations.

Client software
small program installed on all workstations.

Unlike many other programs, CafeSuite is robust, quick and secure. It doesn't matter how big is your internet cafe — CafeSuite is capable of controlling any number of workstations. It is designed to be a great help for all cafe owners, operators and customers.

The basic task of our software is to provide operators and customers with an accurate timing and billing information at any time. The software generates various reports and statistics, which give detailed information about your internet cafe business.

All transactions and actions are recorded into the database and can be reported to the owner. Reports may also be delivered by e-mail.

CafeSuite features
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CafeSuite provides many levels of security, ensuring that your business is always under control.

Workstation lock
Unused workstations can be securely locked so that no one can use them without proper authorization from the operator.

Operator profiles
You can create many profiles for your employees with different access rights. Not every one should be able to change crucial options or pricing schemes — CafeSuite makes it possible.

Encrypted data files
All databases used by CafeSuite are encrypted which ensures they can't be tampered with by unouthorized individuals.

It's possible to create backups of data files automatically evey given period of time. Your data will be secure even when your system crashes.

Ease of use
Although our software has many advanced features it's still very easy to use, both for operators and customers. The user interface is clean and feels very natural even to begginers. The integrated help system will guide you in case of any problems.

Customer accounts
CafeSuite makes it really easy to manage large database of customer accounts. You can create different types of accounts for your customers — time accounts, cash accounts, debt accounts and unlimited accounts. You can assign beneficial charging rates to customer accounts to reward devoted customers.

Customers will be able to log on by themselves using their account ID and password. It's also possible to create smart, magnetic or barcode cards for your customers, so that a simple scan of their card will log them on.

CafeSuite provides unique graphical workstation reservation system. Simply select a time period on the workstation chart to create the reservation.

In case of a very big traffic, you'll appreciate the Waiting queue function, allowing you to manage the waiting list.

Reports and statistics
Our software provides you with a range of reports and statistics summarizing your business performance. Starting with very general reports, you can even get a list of all operations performed by your employees minute by minute.

Flexible charging rates
Real strength of CafeSuite lies in the flexible charging rates system. You can configure many schemes of pricing, including periodical discounts.

You can assign different charging rates to computer groups, beneficial pricing can be used with customer accounts. You can even create traffic discounts that adjust prices depending on the number of free computers in your cafe.

Support for external devices
You can use barcode scanner, magnetic card or smartcard reader to logon users with accounts and sell products. CafeSuite also supports receipt printers for printing receipts and account tickets.

Integration with CyberPrinter
Our software integrates with CyberPrinter allowing you to keep control over your printers. Once a customer prints some pages, CafeSuite will notify the operator about that and calculate the charge automatically.

Easy on resources
Even though CafeSuite is feature packed as no other software package, it's very easy on your system resources. Thanks to efficient programming schemes and great design it runs without problems even on older hardware. This fact eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades, which saves your money! See the CafeSuite system requirements page to find out if it will run in your system.

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CafeSuite consists of the following modules:
* Shop module
* Reservations module
* System policies module
* System protection module
* POS printer module
* Magnetic card reader module
* Smart card reader module
* Barcode reader module
* Printing control module